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In this edition of What's New I'm posting new subject matter. Several years ago I joined with colleagues interested in promoting the use of native plants in our community. We began an annual educational symposium now known as "Prince William Native Plant Symposium for Beginners and Beyond - Stop Mowing, Start Growing!"

I'm very grateful to my colleagues for broadening and deepening my understanding of facets of the natural world that I have paid too little attention to. I've always liked ecology because of its wholistic approach to understanding and valuing the natural world of God's making. The more we understand it, the more we, to paraphrase German Astronomer Johannes Kepler, "may think God's thoughts after him."

Expanding my photography to include pollinating insects is a testament to these colleagues, to working with various friends who themselves love to photograph insects and small critters, who helped me gradually grow more curious about what was happening on those blossoms in my yard, and to their work which introduced me (and many others) to authors like Douglas Tallamy and Nancy Lawson.

Because of these influences, I purchased an older model Nikon 200mm F/4 Macro lens with great bokeh capabilities and set off in search of subjects. Today is my first upload of a selection of those pollinator images to be followed by a new Gallery devoted to insects, spiders and such.
Of course, birds remain a major focus of my photography, so I have several new uploads including some taken on forays with 2 new photography buddies.

And as before, you'll find a smattering of other subjects, including some images from a trip last summer to Glacier National Park.

So take your time perusing these new offerings and enjoy!

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Brown-legged Wasp_J1F9315Bumblebee On Dogbane_J1F8313Bumblebee on Milkweed_J1F8707Brown-legged Wasp_J1F9237Goldenrod & Mason Wasp_J1F0628GreatSpangledFritillary_001_JF95154Hummingbird_Clearwing_Moth_JF95358Hummingbird_Clearwing_16x20_JF95358New England Aster_005_J1F0463Skipper on NE Aster_V_J1F0486Skipper on NE Aster_J1F0486Thread-waisted Wasp_J1F0120GreenTreeFrog_J1F1225Chipping Sparrow_001Black-throated Blue Warbler_Male_JF03291Harlequin Duck_Juvenile_JF03498Eastern Bluebird_Female_JFF1038Hermit Thrush_002_JFF2160Mallard_Female_009_J1F0157