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In this edition of "Whats New" I'm publishing several images from a spring migration trip to Magee Marsh State Park, and a few other of the wonderful Ohio MetroPark locations.

Birds are again a major feature, but I was delighted to come across a den of young and very active Red Fox pups, who from time to time were bold enough to give me and other delighted onlookers some good photo ops.

You'll also find a smattering of images from other locations as near as Huntley Meadows and as far as Glacier National Park, Montana.

Bald Eagle_JFF4705Bald Eagle, 2nd Year JF01932Bay-breasted Warbler, Male_JF01960Black Vulture_JF01654Black-crowned Night Heron, Juvenile_JF870133Brown-headed Nuthatch Pair 2_J1F1939Canada Gosling Pair_JFF6618Canada Gosling_JFF6568Canada Gosling_JFF6584Great Egret & Catch_JFF6739American Goldfinch, Male JFF5953House Finch, Male_JF02990Lupine Dew Drops_JFF5800Maumee Bay Willows_J1F7218Moose Cow & Calf_JF04373Muskrat & Duck Weed_JFF5373NewEnglandAster_JF97339Northern Cardinal Female_JF02810Northern Pintail_JF07668